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squidThere is power in the sea! The building blocks of the body need Omega 3 essential fatty acids to repair and replace dying cells. The body does not produce Omega 3′s (DHA or EPA) on it’s own. People have to get Omega 3′s from the food they eat or supplements. Body Ready Omega is made from deep sea squid.  You may taken or heard of fish oil supplements to increase your DHA and EPA but the problem is that fish are exposed to toxins like mercury and PCB’s.  Squid which live deep in the seas of South America are a better choice to get the Omega’s that your body needs. This supplement also has a good ratio of DHA to EPA which is similar to eating a diet that includes a lot of fish. It will improve your blood circulation, brain function, heart health and joint health. Body Ready Omega-3 provides the best source of Omega 3′s which are essential to your body.


As your body ages, it loses the ability to produce the amount of essential amino acid the body needs to regenerate cells. The cells begin to break down and that is where the aging signs come in. They show up in the wrinkles, fine lines, and worry lines on your skin. By taking this supplement daily, you will nourish and protect your skin. Body Ready Omega will help you fight the signs of aging. This supplement has the nutrients your body needs to keep your skin looking healthy and young. If you have issues with dry or itchy skin, taking this supplement which is full of DHA, will improve the appearance and texture of your skin.  Yes you can fight the signs of aging by from the inside out!

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This product not only fights the signs of aging on your skin, but it also gives you more energy,vitality, and endurance. It can actually be your secret weapon for the physical symptoms that are a part of aging. This supplement will protect your eye sight as you age. If you have experienced joint pain taking this supplement will improve joint function so that you don’t feel the pain from stiff joints. In addition, you will also be able to protect your brain from memory loss and other diseases related to mental decline. Your brain needs DHA to function properly. The amount of pure essential DHA in this product is 1250mg. If you have high blood pressure this supplement will reduce your blood pressure to a healthier level. This is a high quality Omega 3 supplement that is rich in DHA that your body needs to function properly.

This supplement can be taken by men and women to increase their Omega 3 levels. Unless you eat a lot of seafood your DHA and EPA are probably low. Body Ready Omega will help your body stay young and healthy as it rejuvenates your cells to keep your body working efficiently. If you want to feel and look younger and protect your health for many years to come, order your supply of Body Ready Omega-3 today.

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